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Facebook/ Twitter Marketing

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are most popular social media websites. They prove to be best for viral marketing, extremely cost-effective as information spreads very fast among users.

For example, let us take the example of Facebook. A Facebook page about your business can help you get leverage out of Facebook marketing to reach a rich pool of potential customers. Facebook page has to be presented in a manner that it is catchy, interesting and is able to engage targeted customers, who, in turn can suggest the page to their other Facebook friends. Facebook has a very viral nature. People always share/ re-post engaging content with others on their social network. It is simply amazing the way a single "like", "share" or "re-post" can spread information. A single share is highlighted to, say, a hundred people, these ten people share the content with hundred more people and this goes on and on, leading to a single post being highlighted to thousands of people overnight! Facebook and Twitter are very powerful platforms for Social Media Marketing.

Facebook/ twitter

The Social Media Marketing teams at Simpliti are experts at making your Facebook and Twitter profile pages become a hub to countless customers. Our Facebook/ Twitter Marketing services include:

Profile/ Account creation
Tweets (and re-tweets) on Twitter/ Fan page creation on Facebook
100+ fans on Twitter profile page of Facebook fan page
Additionally, the Twitter tweets will be visible in Google search realtime. Also, a custom or unique Facebook fan page URL will be created.
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