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Online Reputation Management

Are untrue adverse reviews, blogs or forum postings on the internet damaging your company's reputation? Is your forgettable past still haunting you? When you do online searching of your brand name, do you get positive search results, or negative ones? In today's information era, having a good online reputation management is inevitable.

The internet has a massive capacity to spread information, but the irony is that not all circulated information is real, reasonable or researched. In today's internet driven world, it is too easy for one irritated blogger to cause irreparable damage to a business, ruining its reputation indefinitely by just writing a blog. Moreover, when major search engines assimilate this content into their search results, the risk of adverse sentiment affecting your brand becomes high. By the time you come to know aboutthe negative post, it is often too late and the real damage has already been done

Online Reputation

Every day we read stories of companies suing or being sued for such things that were actually said in a virtual world in possibly, a fit of fury or anger. The main problem with anything that is said in the internet world is that it has ‘digital permanence’ i.e. it stays there for a longer duration, ready to be read by the next customer of your product/service.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of ways for complete strangers to communicate with each other in the web world. Without your knowledge, these people could post anything negative about your company, product or service. The worst is, they could even create a hate website or community regarding you and your business. How does this affect you and your company?

The first way is that other potential customers could see it and turned away from your product/service. But there is more to worry. What if your business partner sees a negative post about your business practice? You could lose your partner. What if prospective employee came across a negative review and decided not to apply? You could lose a good employee for your company simply due to a negative comment posted by a disgruntled individual.