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PPC Training Courses

Our PPC training teaches you how to build better ads, manage campaigns and get clicks from customers. Course covers the requisite of successful paid search campaigns, exploring best-practice tools and techniques from writing copy, to bidding strategy, to effective analysis of competitors.

In this course, our modules comprise of:
  ¤   PPC Campaign Management
  ¤   Optimize Campaign
  ¤   PPC Keyword Research
  ¤   PPC (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  ¤   Creating Ad Copies for PPC Campaign
  ¤   Bid Management
  ¤   Research Relevant Keywords from the Google
  ¤   AdWords Keywords tool
  ¤   Adgroups
  ¤   Conversion Tracking
  ¤   Maintain Cost/Conversion
  ¤   Increase Sales
  ¤   Landing Page Optimization
  ¤   Keyword Insertion
  ¤   Testing and Examining Ads Copy and Landing Pages to Manage R.O.I
  ¤   PPC Reporting
  ¤   Operating AdWords Editor