Search Engine Optimization Plan

Getting a high search engine ranking has always been crucial as a digital strategy, yet many online companies fail to keep up with pace of dynamic technology. With steadily changing search engine algorithms and the competitiveness of other online firms vying for the same online prominence, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) has reached to a new level. Seo Tutor, based on years of experience, well-proven techniques and results, utilizes viable SEO plans to drive high-quality traffic, and more importantly, generate leads for a web business.

Our search engine optimization plan is based on legible practices, also called, "white hat" SEO. This approach reckons on the tried-and-proven techniques of using top quality, unique content and robust, non-spam, and incoming links. As per estimation, around 130 million searches are conducted in Google every hour but only 20% of users scroll past the first page of search engine results. It means, getting high ranking in search engines is no more an optional thing, but it has become a necessity to thrive in the web world.

Seo Tutuor follows a simple SEO process:

Initial induction and consultation: As the business owner, you know your business better than anyone else. As we begin our journey together to enhance your website, we aspire to understand your business extensively to portray your business in the best light on the world wide web. Our SEO team starts by gaining an understanding of your business needs and at the same time, they will enlighten you about our SEO plans. Understanding your business helps our SEO wizards decide on the strategies to imply for the benefit of your website. A dedicated resource will be at your service to help you with your queries and to keep you updated with the progress of the SEO services offered to you.

Key Phrase Identification: Keywords play a pivotal role in bringing traffic to your website, Choosing the right keywords will promote your website to the target audience and will portray your business in the best-possible light in the online community. We start by requesting you for a list of your preferred keywords, which you feel are crucial to your business. Our SEO wizards then conduct an in-depth research and analysis of those keywords using online tools like "Wordtracker" to look for keyphrases that would be bet for your business. Keyword selection is the most vital element of online marketing and forms the backbone of a campaign. The right keyword/ keyphrase selection is the first successful step towards optimization of your website.

Website Optimization: After keywords are finalized for each page of the website, it is time for the core optimization process to begin. This involves a lot of brainstorming and analysis. Seo Tutor believes in enormous planning and coordination at every stage of SEO.

Content Optimization: Search engines give priority to websites with high-quality content. To appear on top on the first page of SERPs, a website must have high-quality content has a high contextual value to the business in question. Search engines like Google prefer web pages that have a good keyword density and relevant quality content on their pages, making it easier for them to crawl such sites. This makes it very important to have a great content on a website. Seo Tutor has a pool of talented content developers who write simple, relevant content that is optimum or search engines as well as web users. The content is enriched with optimum use of target keywords for the benefit of your business. The content we develop is simple yet interesting, unique and SEO-friendly, aiding in attracting ample traffic to a website.

Optimization HTML Code: It is crucial to have a good website design based on a good spiderable code. A clean and seo-friendly website is one that has a good visual appeal, is void of any technical glitches (Too many images, flash, etc.) that might affect users or search engines adversely. A balance between good spider-friendly technical codes and a good website design is important. SEO wizards at Seo Tutor have a deep understanding of how search engine spiders work. They have a great technical expertize work, enabling them to optimize the website design, while taking the coding into consideration. Title Tags, Keyword Tags and Description Tags are three basic HTML tags that affect the ranking of a website on search engines. SEO wizards at Seo Tutor optimize these tags for a positive impact on your website. Seo Tutor strives to get an improved ranking for your website by including the best keywords in these tags, thus increasing ROI.

Website Page Renaming: Recently, search engines have come up with a ranking algorithm that prioritizes page URLs with keywords in them. Though it is difficult to have a domain name with business-related keywords, the issue can be addressed by naming your files by including relevant keywords in them. For example, if your website is a gift portal, Seo Tutor SEO wizards can name them like: gifts_online.html, likewise, inserting a keyword in every file name. This will result in your website ranking high on SERPs.

Website Link Renaming: For the benefit of end users as-well-as search engine spiders, it counts to have a well-linked internal site architecture. While it provides ease of navigation to web users, search engines use these internal links to crawl and index the pages of your website. It is critical to have textual links (which include relevant keywords) on your website as spiders cannot see/ read images. A website with a good internal linking has a greater probability of being crawled upon by search engine spiders, resulting in a higher traffic to the website.

Creation of Site Map: A site map is to a website what an index is to a book! It is a textual representation of a websites internal structure. It tells the end-user what exactly features on the website. Search engine spiders get a benefit of crawling on valid links on your website. A well-indexed website ensures that your site would be found prominently every time a user conducts a search related to your business.

Submissions to Search Engines: A final step in SEO is to upload new, improved pages on your server and submitting them to search engines. Our SEO team submits the optimized URLs to search engines. Seo Tutor also works on making submissions to major online directories.

Continuous Reporting and Monitoring: It usually takes a couple of months after submissions for a website to show up in SERPs. To keep you updated with the progress we are making on your website's SEO, we provide you monthly data. We send out regular emails to our clients, which enlighten them about their website's ranking on search engines. Moreover, the same is accessible to them on our website as well, since our dedicated resources will update the data regularly on our website.

Seo Tutor proactively monitors your website throughout the contract period. We observe your website closely to make or suggest any changes as per new updates from search engines. We monitor detailed traffic details, page views and visits, visited pages, exit/ entry pages and customized reports and analysis thereof.