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SMO (Social Media Optimization) Course

SMO is a powerful technique to generate traffic to a website. Our SMO training sessions have live projects to give a clear and practical knowledge of SMO. Our SMO Training Course will give you knowledge on the functioning of the popular networking sites and also the complete knowledge of various SMO tools and techniques by means of which an organization can get maximum web exposure.

SMO Training Course is as follows:
¤ Introduction to Social Media
¤ How search media works
¤ SMO usability
¤ SMO Guideline
¤ SMO Tools
¤ Social Media Strategy
¤ Promotional Activities in Social Media
¤ Online Reputation Management
¤ Facebook Optimization
¤ Linkedin Optimization
¤ Twitter Optimization
¤ YouTube Optimization
¤ Google+ Optimization
¤ Blogging
¤ Social Bookmarking