Winter Industrial Training

Winter Training Program is conducted by SEO Tutor in the months of December and January. It covers multiple programs to be delivered beyond the Noida. The duration of the training is for few weeks or months and after completion, a certificate will be provided to students on the basis of their performance. There will be around 40 to 60 student in a batch with a good Student-Trainer-Ratio for effective learning.

You can believe on the quality of training which is provided. Our training will beneficial for you in the fully practical implementation of different concepts and technologies. These training offers practical concepts and can also fulfill your course curriculum requirement.

Our success rate is 70 to 90 percent of our trained students who are work as an employee in the best MNC with good packages. Our main focus to provide the best training to the student to gain maximum knowledge in the field of technology and development. After the training, the student will get enough talent and working experience to work in any industry.

Who/What ?

Those students can apply who are study in 3rd and 4th year of B.E. / B.TECH or 2nd and 3rd year of BCA/ MCA or 2nd year of BSc IT/ MSc IT. Students from various Technical Universities, who are in the pursuance of B.Tech, MSc IT / BSc IT, M.Tech / B.Tech / MCA/BCA/MSc IT/ BSc IT or wish to do.

These technologies prepare individuals for Information Technologies fields. Candidates go through a series of complete practical sessions where they work on live problems and implement solutions on the real-time basis projects. This training formats are quite beneficial because companies nowadays are looking for skilled person in place of common degree holders. Here you can understand how Search Engine Optimization works, then taking the time to develop and execute the strategy.

Some major choices of Internship and Industrial Training are:

2.Programming Languages – PHP/ .NET

Why choose SEO and SEOTutor

Here introduced an assessment session for the candidates. It would become easy for you to choose the careers/internships that best fit your interests and personality preferences. After completion of the IT Industrial Training, the candidates become proficient to solved the problem. The training will boost their confidence and open multiple ways to the professional world.

Our SEO training makes you an expert in SEO and you can get a job offer by prominent SEO companies. You can get hired by thousands of companies who are based on online business and who need a perfect SEO employee. We have a great team of skilled trainers who are ready to direct their trainees in the best feasible way they can and to ensure the skills of mentors. We give you the facility of proficient employees so that you do not feel unsecured about the academics. If you are trained well then you can do better in your future and know its importance we always try to give you the best. Our trainers are high experience in their related fields with industries disclosure. We demonstrate more in giving practical training to our student's comparatively theoretical knowledge. We have the complete Labs with new and updated software so that you can get the best knowledge of industries.

You are at the right place to choose the best SEO training. Because we provide you 100% practical work with positive results. We have a large experience in the Internet marketing. You implement, what you learn in the training & make your project successful.


  • affordable
  • No transportation
  • Time saving
  • Self made
  • Focus education
  • 24*7 accessible

Why to Choose Online/Offline Training?

Online Training is a relatively new concept in the education world. It scores over other modes of preparation in that it allows:
  • Interactive sessions
  • easy to access
  • Accurate assessment
  • Flexible schedules
  • Highly affordable
Online education proves beneficial to the students. It has the complete space of the SEO training and the student becomes a master and professional of SEO field.